We highly recommend that you use the main menu buttons for navigation and to transfer control from Lessons to Questions or to Options, For example to transfer control from My Lessons to My Questions then click on Questions button. If you choose another navigation method then you may lose connectivity with lesson designer software. Navigation

My Lessons submenu:
This submenu is where you can create new lessons, edit existing lessons, delete lessons, and start a chat session for that lesson.

My Questions submenu:
This submenu is where you can append questions (true or false, multiple choice, or fill in the blanks) to a specific lesson.

Options submenu:
This submenu is where you can update and view your profile, add or and reply to students' notes, upload files, and change password.
You need to upload files (click on Upload) to your lessons before appending an attachment to a specific lesson.
The system atomically will create a folder under your user internal hidden identification and all of your files will be in that folder. When you create or edit a lesson then you can attach a file. You can send audio, movie, text, and image to your students in the form of an attachment. You can use an audio attachment for dictation.