Copying a lesson from external document

In order to create a lesson from external document like word or Internet, you need to copy the source text and then paste it inside the panel as shown below.
Make sure that the panel of new lesson is visible like this:

Source text:
Transcript Interview With Barack Obama Sign In to E-Mail or Save This Print Single Page Reprints Share Del.icio.usDiggFacebookNewsvinePermalink Published: November 1, 2007 The following is a transcript of an interview by Michael Gordon and Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times with Senator Barack Obama, conducted on Wednesday afternoon at his campaign headquarters in Chicago. Some of the questions have been edited for brevity and clarity, and extraneous material omitted.

Now click on Add new lesson button
You would see this screen

You need to type the lesson name and hide the lesson from student (make it invisible to your students. Also, you need to paste the English and Arabic text as shown inside the panel.
You need to press save button and press save button.
New you have a new lesson that was created from external document.