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We welcome you to Lesson~Designer Global Education Delivery Systems

Free of charge for Instructors and Students

Lesson~Designer is a component of the Read~Verse suite of teaching software brought to you by the Read~Verse American Company, specialized in advanced education delivery tools for worldwide learning.
What language are you teaching today?
Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, Korean, Urdu, Spanish, Japanese, English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese.....?? Read~Verse's Lesson~Designer can deliver any digital language course to students worldwide.

This is a list of the new features:
Dictation: Lesson~Designer includes a voice messaging feature that lets a teacher test students remotely by stating phrases and words and requiring them to type what they have heard.
Recording: Another Lesson~Designer feature that lets students read and record a text, and then send the recording to the instructor for review.
Attachments: Lesson~Designer now permits students and teachers to append objects including a word document, text, video and zipped files to a lesson.
Print security: While both students and teachers can print lessons and questions, only teachers can print answers.
Chat room: Instructors and students can participate in a synchronized dialog via a chat session. Such real time, personal exchanges will both enhance the effectiveness of teachers and enrich the learning experience of students.
Questions & Answers: Since active participation is crucial in the learning process, Lesson~Designer will provide a Q & A facility to enrich the learning process. When students post questions related to a specific lesson, teachers will post their replies.



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